Black Eye Color

Top 7 different eye colors amp what they say about you

What Takes The Color Out Of A Black Eye?

There are bleaching properties found in potato that can help you lighten dark circles, reduce swelling and get rid of black eye easily. You grate 1 – 2 raw tomatoes to take the juice. Then, you soak a cotton ball in the potato juice and then place it over your eyes.

What Eye Color Do You Find Most Attractive And Why?

Brown can be the most attractive because it can be like a teddy bear or like he’s staring into your soul, but not all brown eyes are like that. My second favorite would probably be blue because they can be so pretty and nice and fascinating to look at- especially if they are really blue.

What Eye Color Is Most Desirable?

Blue eyes are undoubtedly the most desired eye color. It has been observed that blue-eyed people are extremly smart and kind and peaceful and have long lasting relationships because theywork hard to make other people happy. Since not everyone is bothered about others, this makes them stand out.

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What Are The Best Eye Colors?

Blue-green eyes are the best color eyes to have when picking out an outfit. The colors are wide open for someone like this. Making emerald eyes stand out is easy to do on someone with fair skin. On that note, any shade of green has abundant potential.