Bruised Toenail After Running

My running doc is this black toenail fungus or a bruised

Bruised Toenail After Running

A bruised toenail from running, otherwise known as “ Jogger’s toenail ” is a common effect of injury to the soft tissues underlying the toenail. It is commonly associated with a buildup of blood (subungal hematoma) beneath the toenail as a result of damage to blood vessels leading to leakage of blood.

What Does It Mean When Your Toenails Are Bruised From Running?

Jogger’s feet are typically associated with a blue-black discoloration in one of your toenails, usually as a result of its taking a beating from long running time. Toenailswith bruising are usually painful and unsightly and can result in a bacterial infection if proper care is not accorded.

Is It Bad To Have Black Toenails While Running?

The black, bruised appearance of one of your toenails after it takes a beating during a run is accepted by some runners as an integral part of running, but when you have a black toenail, running becomes difficult, and if left untreated, knowing how to treat black toenail at home will be no help, as you will require more drastic treatment.

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What Happens If You Trim Your Toenails While Running?

Improper trimming of toenails. So, in general, when runners keep the toenails trimmed short, the toenails are much less likely to hit the inside of the shoes and sustain the kind of trauma that can lead to bruising, soreness or damage to the toenails.

What To Do If Your Toenails Are Swollen From Running?

Mailler and Adams authored a later review of skin conditions in runners which detailed treatment and prevention options for jogger’s toe. Keeping your shoes laced snug, but not too tight, and making sure the toebox is large enough to keep pressure off of your nails, even after extended periods of running where your feet have swelled up a bit.

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