Bruising At Insulin Injection Site

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Employ these helpful strategies to bring you quick relief: If you feel pain immediately after injecting, apply gentle pressure on the site to help prevent the development of a. Do not massage or rub the injection site, as this will make the bruise.
A small amount of bruising is normal and gravity could pull the small amount of blood lower than the injection point. What Are The Best Sites For Insulin Injections? One of the best insulin injection sites is the abdomen, as it usually has a layer of fat and absorbs the insulin.
A middle-aged woman who was using an insulin pen had excessive needle bruising at her injection sites, with no simple explanation. Friday , November 5 2021 Overseen by a multidisciplinary team of.
Ice the site where you will be giving an injection about 30 to 60 seconds before doing so. The cold temperature on your. If you notice that you experience bruising on your stomach more frequently ensure you are not injecting the insulin.
A: There are many reasons that an injection site might develop a bruise. Try some of these techniques to decrease the chances of bruising: Ice the injection site for about 30 to 60 seconds prior to giving the injection
Physicians and patients have long been aware of skin lesions at the sites of insulin injections, referred to as lipodystrophy that can present as lipoatrophy (LA) or lipohypertrophy (LH). However, the reported prevalence of these different skin lesions.
site area in my tummy . Inject slowly at 90 degree angle and pinch an inch so inject into subtaneous fat layer . Count off full ten numbers before take needle out . Ensures all units of insulin are in properly . This keeps me bruise free as had some whopper bruises.