How To Treat A Bruised Toe Nail

How to treat a bruised toe nailApply ice to an inflamed hammertoe. Hammertoes may develop painful swelling. If this is the case with your hammertoe, an ice pack can help. Apply an ice pack to your toe a few times a day until swelling goes down. If you don’t have a commercial ice pack, you can place some ice cubes in a plastic bag to treat hammertoe or use a bag of frozen vegetables, like peas or corn.

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How To Treat A Bruised Toe Nail

To get rid of bruised toenail fast, you should do the following:

  • Cold compress – It helps alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Warm water soak – soak your affected toenail in a warm, clean water.
  • Arnica – It is an herb that belongs to the sunflower family.
  • Turmeric – it contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory property, which makes it effective in treating infection and alleviating pain and swelling.
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How Do I Save A Bruised Toenail?

Some of the ways that you can treat a bruised toenail can include: When there is little to no pain the best treatment is to not engage in any activities that could cause risk of further injury. If it is possible cut the toenail as short as you can without hurting yourself and then soak it in warm salt water to help ease the pain. … For the swelling and pain take over-the-counter pain relievers. More items…

What Causes A Bruise Under Toenail?

Bruised Toenail Causes Trauma. This is a very common cause and can be from physical activities like playing soccer, downhill running, running, following a very rigorous exercise program you do every day, etc. Injury. This is also another common cause of having a bruised toenail. … Footwear that does not fit right. This can include footwear that is too big or too small. …

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When To Seek Treatment For Toenail Trauma?

If there is blunt trauma to the toenail. For example, if a heavy object has been dropped on the toe, it is best to seek treatment to rule out a fracture and treat any wound beneath the nail bed. If toenail trauma leads to severe swelling, pain, or redness of the toe.

What To Do If You Have A Bruise Under Your Toenail?

Let the nail come off on its own, however, do the best treatment and care for the toenail as long it stays on the toe. If you have got a minor bruise under the toenail, there is nothing much to worry about. The bruised tissues under the nail will gradually recuperate and become normal within a month.

What Should I Do If I Cut My Toenails?

Trim your Toenails: You should trim the toenails evenly across your toes making sure that the nails are cut flat rather than round. Cold Compress: Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Simply wrap a towel or cloth around some ice cubes and apply the compress your damaged toenail.

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Can A Bruised Toenail Cause A Cracked Nail?

Similarly, a badly bruised toe can make the toenail to become dead or cracked. Thickened Toenail: Thickened nails are mostly caused by a nail fungal infection, ill-fitting footwear or psoriasis. Trauma or injury to the toenail can also result in thickening of the nail.

How Can I Get Blood Out Of My Toenails?

A podiatrist can also drain the blood from your nail bed manually by making a tiny hole in the center of the bruised toenail and lightly squeeze the toe to get the fluid to drain out until the nail bed returns back to a normal color. Some of the ways that you can treat a bruised toenail can include: