Different Stages Of Bruising

Different Stages Of Bruising The stages and colors of bruises Pink and red. Immediately after a blow, such as banging your shin on a step or your arm on the door, your bruised skin can look a little pink or Blue and dark purple. Within a day or so of impact, your bruise will darken … Read more

Itchy Skin And Bruising On Legs

What Causes Bruising On Legs? Other causes of unexplained bruising on the legs include vitamin deficiency, leukemia, or an auto-immune disorder. Bruises caused by an auto-immune disorder, such as lupus, are usually raised and firm to the touch. What Causes A Bruise On The Leg? Aging. Your skin and tissue of your limbs become thinner … Read more

Walgreens Bruise Concealer

What Kind Of Concealer To Use On Bruises? Think of the color wheel. For bruises, which normally boast a purple or blue hue, you’ll want to use a yellow concealer to neutralize their appearance. Use the yellow shade from the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Color Correcting Kit or the L’Oréal Paris True Match Color … Read more

Second Toe Bruise Running

Second Toe Bruise Running The black wreckage that is the second toe on my right foot is known as "runner’s toe," and it’s one of the more common injuries that distance runners suffer. After miles and miles of mashing their toes into the front of their shoes, blood pools under the toenail. While it sounds … Read more

Bruises On Legs Unknown Cause

Bruises On Legs Unknown Cause Viral infections can also cause random bruising on legs that is unexplained. Some viral infections can cause a condition called thrombocytopenia that affects blood clotting. According to Dr. Neha Pathak on WebMD, some common viral infections that can cause unexplained bruising are chickenpox, mumps, and rubella. What Causes Bruises On … Read more