Bruises On Dark Skin

Bruises on dark skin Bruises form when blood pools under the skin after an injury. Bruises start black and blue, brownish or purple. They change color as they fade (often without treatment). Older people are more prone to bruising. Hematomas are painful, swollen bruises that can affect internal organs. Hematomas may require medical attention. Purple … Read more

Leukemia Purple Spots

Leukemia purple spots Leukemia is a cancer caused by an overproduction of damaged white blood cells. It is common in children, but leukemia most often occurs in adults older. Leukemia Rashes The vast majority of rashes in leukemia patients are due to skin infections or the side effects of medication. But some rashes can actually … Read more

Leukemia Red Spots On Face

Leukemia red spots on face People with leukemia may notice tiny red blood spots on their skin — these pinpoints are called petechiae. They’re caused by broken blood vessels, or capillaries, underneath the skin. When children and adults have chronic or acute leukemia, their bodies don’t have enough blood cell platelets to seal off the … Read more

Dry Skin Bruise

Dry skin bruise Fortunately, bruising as a result of scratching dry skin is preventable and treatable through lifestyle changes and self-care. Bruises related to scratching might result from a medical condition, such as eczema, that caused the dry skin, or from personal behaviors, such as scratching too hard or frequently. Skin Bruising Using corticosteroids can … Read more

Black And Blue Marks Appearing On Skin

Black and blue marks appearing on skin Surgical Scars (e. 2 Pig Pen 3. Natural rubbing of skin (legs and armpits) can also cause black patches to occur. Jun 01, 2008 · If you press or rub on my skin firm enough to make white marks the white marks go away like normal when the … Read more

Purple Mark On Chin

Purple Mark On Chin A bruised, black and purple chin would be common with an injury to the jaw such as being hit in the jaw or a car wreck. What Does It Mean When You Have Purple Spots On Skin? Inflamed blood vessel under the surface of the skin that may appear as purple … Read more

Elderly Bruise Easily

Elderly bruise easily Why do Elderly People Bruise Easily? There are many causes of skin bruising in the elderly. Thinning of the skin is the number one cause of bruising and skin damage. In some people, the skin becomes so thin that bruising and even small tears occur in the skin, especially on the hands … Read more

Bruising More Easily Than Usual

Bruising more easily than usual Bruising easily can be normal in some people and becomes more common as we age. But bruising easily may also signal an underlying medical problem. You probably should have this problem evaluated by your primary care doctor, especially if the bruising developed recently or has become more frequent or more … Read more

Purple Bruise Like Marks On Skin

Purple bruise like marks on skin Bruises are sometimes called black-and-blue marks. They may appear red or purplish at first. If you have darker skin, you may notice purple, dark brown or black bruising. As the area heals, the bruise may turn a lighter shade of brown, green or yellow. The bruised. What Does A … Read more

Little Blood Clots On Skin

Little Blood Clots On Skin Small blood clots form whenever you cut or scrape your skin to plug up the injured area and stop the bleeding. But they are dangerous when they form within a blood vessel, where they can cause thrombosis (meaning they block blood flow), a condition that kills up to 100,000 people … Read more