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Bruising in the elderly what causes skin bruising in

Older adults may bruise more easily than younger people. Their thinning skin often has less fat underneath to cushion the blood vessels. Other possible causes of bruising include:
Elderly Skin Bruising. Elderly skin bruising is a common symptom of thinning skin and fragile blood vessels just beneath the skin. A simple brush against a doorknob can result in a bruise that covers the entire hand. Sometimes a bruise on the arm can even occur if you are assisting someone to the bathroom, assisting with bathing, or helping them change clothes.
Bruising is commonly caused by a minor injury (e.g., bumping into furniture, falling down, having something drop on your body, or during sporting activities). Some folks bruise more easily than others. Some of the most common reasons people bruise more easily include: 1. Your Gender. That is, women tend to bruise more easily than men.
A lack of vitamin K—which could be the result of something as simple as skimping on leafy green veggies or more serious conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or bacterial overgrowth of the gut—could lead to easy bleeding and bruising, says Dr. Elliott.
Older people are much more susceptible to bruising easily, too, because skin becomes thinner and blood vessels become weaker as we age. "Although most bruises are harmless and go away without treatment, easy bruising can sometimes be a sign of a more serious problem," Spencer Kroll, MD , a board-certified internal medicine specialist based in .
Steroids like prednisone can also cause easy bruising, because they thin the skin. If you notice this happening, don’t stop taking your medication , but do talk to your doctor about it. Low Vitamin.
But if you bruise extremely easily or get bruises without any injury, this can be a sign of a serious issue like a vitamin deficiency or blood clotting disorder. Here are five reasons why you may be bruising easily and when you should see a doctor. 1. You take blood-thinning medications.