What'S It Called When U Bruise Easy

Here s why you bruise so easily

The liver makes proteins that the blood needs for clotting, so if it’s not doing its job, you may bleed or bruise more easily. It could be a sign that you’ve got a condition called cirrhosis. It’s a serious illness, so see your doctor.
Easy bruising is the frequent appearance of purple, brown or red discolorations on your skin. Skin bruising from bumps, sprains, bites or trauma is normal and indicates that underlying blood vessels are broken or bleeding. This bleeding can take the form of pinpoint dots ( petechiae ), larger, flat areas (purpura), or broad areas of bruising (ecchymosis).
A Disease Where You Bruise Easily? Bruises are the natural result when someone falls or bumps into something. However, there is also a probability when certain diseases can cause someone to have bruises. The first disease is Von Willebrand. It is an inherited bleeding disorder, which often attacks Caucasians.
Some signs that a person bruises more easily than is typical include: very large, painful bruises in response to minor injuries having many bruises without remembering their cause frequently developing bruises that take many weeks to heal bleeding for.
During the healing process, the bruise will change color before fading away. But it’s a good idea to get a bruise checked out by your doctor if it: Shows no signs of improvement after a week. Is .
A lack of vitamin K—which could be the result of something as simple as skimping on leafy green veggies or more serious conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or bacterial overgrowth of the gut—could lead to easy bleeding and bruising, says Dr. Elliott. While vitamin C deficiency can also cause an increase in bruising .